The Power Of Words – Weird Interpretations

A person is generally judged by his looks and the way he speaks. There is no doubt that words uttered are very powerful things in a communication and it is important to use them properly for the correct interpretation by the listener. But this is generally missing in most of our talks and communications and ultimately we end up communicating a completely different thing while the intended conversation or the very purpose of the communication was different. This is even more important when comes to business communications because every word counts in the profits they make and hence it is very important for the speaker to be very careful while conveying something to the listener.

Business communications is a combination of both verbal and non-verbal communication with lighthouse's simultaneous interpretation equipment. The percentage of people who use both these in their communication effectively is close to 80%. From this, we understand that both are important for effectively conveying an important message to the audience. It is even more important when comes to communicating through email because the sender is required to bring all the effects of both the verbal and non-verbal communication in just his words and hence has to be very careful in using the right words for conveying the correct meaning.

In most of the cases, where the communication is a little poor, there have been misinterpretations leading to misunderstandings. All these are due to usage of wrong words, expressions and this when addressed to a larger group the after effects are really bad. Now let`s see what are those important contributors for an effective communication leading to the right interpretation of expression.

Eye to eye contact- this is important for any type of communication since eyes are considered to be very powerful in communicating expressions and the mood of the hour. There are few business communications which cannot be directly delivered to the listener. In such situations, it becomes necessary to convey expressions and emotions through our eyes supported by a set of verbal communications. For example, when an organization is on the verge of extinction, it needs to convey its incapability of holding a large number of employees through verbal as well as non-verbal communication through the superiors in the right sense. A person who is able to maintain constant eye contact is considered to be very honest, straightforward and reliable.

Professionalism – this is very important while conveying something in a business set up. A manager might have personal tiffs with an employee but he cannot utilize an unfavorable situation to take this frustration out on him. In the same way, when an employee is to be detained from his position, it needs to be communicated to him with the utmost professionalism making sure the organization is not at loss and at the same time the employee is also not hurt.

 Mirroring – this is something which is very important but not followed by all business people. Many of us do not even know what this mirroring is all about. Mirroring is nothing but communication in the way and standard equal to whom we are talking to. For example, a manager who is very professional and follows this concept tries to sit down on the floor when he talks or communicates something important to a local supplier or vendor. Posture and position – a person's posture indicates his position in the company or organization. It easily reveals the character of a person as to whether he is authoritative, dominant, outspoken and also exhibits his confidence level in the content he is conveying. It shows how firm he is in his words and this is how generally business communications should be for decisions are to be firm and should be nailed correctly for the organization to flourish and grow further.

These are some of the common modes of business communications that are followed by some of the studious and dedicated business professionals. The correct way of communication is what results in the correct interpretation by the listener. If there is a lack of eye contact or firmness in what the person conveys, it is taken as a doubtful decision by the listener and the entire process might go for a toss. So it is just not the words but also the way of communicating those words that play an important role in the success of an organization.

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